The giving of our time and talents that God has blessed us with is an ideal way to steward God's gifts. Giving back of our blessings enriches our lives and the lives of others. First Presbyterian Church is a vibrant, active church that has many opportunities for those looking to become involved or to contribute to the church either as a volunteer or in a financial manner.

Contributions / Donations

Your help is needed for First Pres to continue to be a vibrant church. There are a number of ways you can do so:

First Pres also joins with other Presbyterian churches and denominations and collects "special offerings" several times throughout the year. To learn more about these offerings, visit our "Special Offerings" page.

Every contribution is important and appreciated. No matter the size, every contribution makes a difference and helps provide ongoing ministry and mission, enabling us to grow our church’s outreach.

Gift Acceptance Policy

Opportunities to Serve

Are you interested in helping in certain ministry areas or have other special skills you would like to share? Fill out the Opportunities to Serve Form and let us know which ministries you are interested in serving in, your interests, talents, skills, and availability.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are a multitude of oppotunities for those that would like to offer their time and talents as volunteers! Here are only some of the many ways you can get involved:

For a more detailed description of the types of activities, time requirements, and contact information, see the indivdual volunteer pages by clicking the links above.

What About Deacons and Elders? Deacons and Elders are important nominated volunteer positions within the church! For more information about becoming an Elder, visit our "Being an Elder" page. For more information on being a Deacon, visit our "Being a Deacon" page.