Parking Directions

Parking spaces are limited, so for Sunday morning services, Christmas Eve, and the Easter services, we invite families with small children and those who have difficulty walking to park in the church parking lot. We encourage all others to park in the Forest Avenue parking structure. The Forest Avenue parking structure is a short one-block walk from the building, and is free of charge on Sundays and holidays.

Directions To Parking Structure

Map to Forest Avenue Structure

To get to the Forest Avenue Parking Structure, exit on Hill Street and turn right. Go to the next intersection and turn right on Forest Avenue. The Forest Avenue Parking Structure is located one block down, just after Willard Street.  This lot is also free on Sundays.

After parking, cross Forest Avenue and walk down Forest Court. A walkway links Forest Court with First Pres’ parking lot.

Map & Parking

The entrance to the church parking lot is on Washtenaw Avenue between the church building and the white sorority house. Traffic is one-way through the lot. Handicapped parking is available right next to the building.

The Forest Avenue parking structure is located on South Forest Avenue between South University and Willard. To get to the church from the structure, cross Forest Avenue and walk down Forest Court to the end of the block.