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God’s radically inclusive love excludes no one.

As disciples of Jesus, who approached people inclusively and compassionately, and whose life, death, and resurrection give hope to all, it is our joy to embrace all who seek to know and follow him through belief and unbelief. Together, we can more fully build a faithful, prayerful, and loving community.

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Rising Tide unfolds in a series of vignettes exploring the natural world from which we have emerged - and the human world that has emerged from us. With an original score by composer Laura Kaminsky, the music erects a contemplative space within each vignette for the audience to process...
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Join First Pres and Habitat for Humanity along with West Willow (WW) residents in activities to beautify the West Willow community. Activities will include cleaning out flower beds, working in the community garden, cleaning and organizing inside the WW Community Resource Center and Tool...
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Speaker: Dr. Daniel J. Clauw, University of Michigan
Dr. Dan Clauw, the Director of the Chronic Pain & Fatigue Research Center at the University of Michigan, discusses pain that stems from your brain. He presents an overview of what is currently known about the...
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