Liturgical/Visual Arts

Peace Cranes - a Peace by Piece Art Installation at First Pres

Peace Cranes

Debuted on Sunday September 19, enjoy the beautiful display of thousands of hand folded (by members of our church) Peace Cranes hanging from the beams in our sanctuary.  Each has handwritten on it a member name and a prayer for them.  It is a stunning display of love and peace for our congregation.

Why origami cranes? Early in 1955, a twelve-year-old girl named Sadako Sasaki developed leukemia as a result of exposure to radiation from the nuclear bomb dropped on her hometown, Hiroshima, at the end of World War II. Visiting her in the hospital, Sadako’s best friend reminded her of the Japanese legend that, if she could fold one thousand cranes, her wish to be made well might be granted.

Stories differ as to whether Sadako was able to finish one thousand cranes before her death in October 1955, or whether her friends completed the task in her memory. Regardless, a statue of Sadako holding a golden crane now stands in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and, every day, cranes arrive from people all over the world who hope and pray and work for peace. Like Sadako’s cranes, the exact number of First Pres’ cranes is unknown. We estimate it to be more than 3500. Many thanks to all who prayed these three-dimensional prayers and helped create our art installation that can now inspire us all to serve the Prince of Peace.

Note:  This exhibit has been temporarily removed to make space for the Advent Lace Paper Banners.  The cranes will return!

Opportunities to Serve

Would you like to serve on the liturgical/visual arts team?  We plan for our worship spaces and rotating art exhibits in our Social Hall.  The team meets the second Tuesday of the month, from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. via ZOOM.   

For more information, contact Dave VanderMeer, Minister of Music & Fine Arts: