Friends in Deed

Includes Circles of Washtenaw County

First Pres has had a long and close relationship with Friends In Deed, providing both funding and key volunteers across several different programs.

The Niche We Fill! For over 30 years, Friends In Deed has helped families in Washtenaw County weather the emergency crises that would otherwise lead to financial disaster. Not only do we help people with basic-needs furniture, we help when an unexpected car repair threatens employment, when a utility is about to be turned off, when a family member has a medical or dental need they cannot afford, and with much, much more.

In 2017, Friends In Deed provided emergency funds for 331 households, passed along six donated cars, provided 448 beds, and distributed furniture to 378 families. With First Pres’s help, we hope to be able to assist our neighbors even more this year.

Click here to see the most recent Friends In Deed Resource Manual.

Circles ProgramCircles - Washtenaw County

While our programs historically have been aimed at helping low-income families survive poverty, in 2017 we added Circles Washtenaw County. Circles is designed to break the cycle of poverty, helping families move into economic security permanently. Friends In Deed operates as the Washtenaw County chapter of Circles USA, a model that has over 70 chapters across the nation.

The program’s unique strategy utilizes education, goal setting, training and above all--relationships to help families develop the resources and social capital they need to rise out of poverty and achieve economic independence. To learn more about Circles, visit us here or contact the program coordinator: or call us at: 734-340-9042.  You may also contact Helena Prince at or Ginny Rezmierski at


From answering the phones for our Helpline to delivering furniture, from cooking a meal for Circles with your small group to becoming an Ally and accompanying a family in their journey out of poverty, Friends In Deed has meaningful volunteer opportunities for everyone. Check us out at: