FaithBeats Podcast

A Podcast of First Pres

Faith BeatsFaith Beats is a podcast about the questions of life and rhythms of faith, community, and imagination, through the narrative lens of storytelling, arts, and spiritual practices.  Each episode uses a different medium to take a unique approach to explore how faith intersects our lives.   Faith Beats is currently available on Apple Podcasts, and on Spotify, with new episodes airing on the 2nd and the 4th Fridays of each month.

The Faith Beats Podcast was created with the intention of connecting busy families in the digital world.  Podcasts are available to parents, youth, anyone who is interested, at any time and in any place.  Our hope is that through this podcast, we can create space to explore questions in a real, tangible way.  In addition, we hope that in using podcasting, we can create leadership opportunities for youth within our community as well as a space for families to contribute.  Faith Beats explores faith and how it connects to our lives in unique and intimate ways.

Faith Beats is a podcast created by  Youth and Families Ministries of First Presbyterian Church of Ann Arbor, MI.  First Presbyterian strives to be as diverse as God’s kingdom, and as wide and hospitable as the Spirit’s embrace. Here, we don’t all look, act, or pray alike.  God knows we do not all think alike.  We Presbyterians do not all read the Bible in the same way.  Our questions are different, our burdens are diverse, and our aspirations are distinct.  But every Sunday we worship as one, unified by the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We worship a living God who calls us to love and support one another.  Together we can do marvelous things – and grow closer to God and one another along the way!   Come visit us - everyone is welcome!  If you are new to us we invite you to visit and explore our many programs and service opportunities.

MarkMeet the Faith Beats Host: 
Rev. Mark Mares

With us since it's founding, Rev. Mark Mares is our fearless leader and felt a podcast could be used to connect youth to faith.  A lifelong learner, Mark was influenced at a young age by multi-generational and multi-cultural approaches to liturgy and worship.  Mark enjoys soccer, so much so that he named his dog Lio (short for the greatest footballer of all time, Lionel Messi!). 

Mark can be contacted via email:  Mark is very interested in hearing your voice!  Share your thoughts, questions and comments with him any time.   He wants to know what you like, and what you would like to hear more of.

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