Habitat for Humanity - Huron Valley

"My people will live in Peaceful dwelling places,
In secure homes, In undisturbed places of rest."
  -Isaiah 32:18

Why do we, as Christians and members of the First Presbyterian Church come together to renovate a home for a family other than our own? It is a wonderful opportunity to share our blessings with others. It is also a time of fellowship, and an opportunity to work with and get to know members of other community churches. And most importantly, we are able to make a significant difference in the life of our partner family, which is a tangible way for us to live the gospel and to help us become a stronger and a more effective tool for Christ.

Habitat House of Faith 2021

Habitat Volunteer Days

4-6 volunteers are needed each day:  September 11, 17 and 25 (last build day)
Volunteer Days, Construction and Lunches are all at:  217 Davis Street, Ypsilanti
Note:  Volunteers may be needed on additional Fridays and Saturdays if other congregations can't meet their targets.  Let Don Redding know if you want to volunteer those days so he can notify Habitat by Tuesday (the deadline).
Volunteer Sign-Ups & Waivers:  Sign waiver at: http://bit.ly/RegistrationANDWaiver. If you don’t sign up on the Web, you can sign the form on site.
To sign up, please email Don Redding (dredding58@yahoo.com) your selected days by the Tuesday evening before your day (the earlier the better!).  The volunteer registration CLOSES the Tuesday evening before the build day so Habitat can prepare the work tasks.

The 2021 Habitat House of Faith website also provides up to date information on the schedule this summer.  Click here for information.

Thank you for your consideration!

Habitat House of Faith 2020

The Habitat House of Faith for 2020 is at 792 N. Ford Road, Ypsilanti.

Habitat House of Faith 2018

House of Faith’s support in 2018 helped the Sowe Family obtain home ownership in June 2018. Thanks to all who helped to make this happen! The next Habitat build will start in November 2018.

The Sowe Family

A note from the Sowe family...

“Our family has been sincerely touched from the many sacrifices of The House of Faith, for their generosity and selflessness in donating their time, skills and the many meals provided to us during the construction of our future home. This has been meaningful to us as we embarked on this journey. They were committed and supportive to our cause, we thank you for that.”

Follow the Sowe Family's journey with Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley in this short video:

Habitat 2017

After 80 days of renovation and hard work, the 2017 House of Faith at 1156 Parkwood, Ypsilanti, is complete! It will be dedicated on Sunday, August 20. Verna, Cory, Allan (11) and Jacob (8) Hinman are very excited to move into their own home which has three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, large family room, full basement and a large two-car garage.

As with all Huron Valley Habitat for Humanity projects, this was a total home renovation with significant upgrades for heating and cooling, a new roof, new interior doors and trim and all new appliances. First Pres was the major contributor to this project providing over fifty volunteers, including groups from College ministry to church staff.

The House of Faith is one of the largest local mission project First Pres does each year in terms of number of days worked. Thanks to everyone who worked on construction and/or furnished lunches. The fellowship each day made this special as we did God’s work to provide shelter for local families.

Habitat 2016

Meet the Riggs Family

Hello, my name is LaKeisha Riggs. I was born in Detroit and lived there for 14 years. I attended Southfield High, class of ’01, and moved to Ypsilanti to attend Washtenaw Community College. I graduated with my Associates degree in Applied Science. I am one of three children, with two older brothers. I have two beautiful girls: La’Kya Smith is 13 years old and in eighth grade at Tappan, and La’Naysha Thomas is 8 years old and in second grade at Bryant Elementary. My girls are my world — they are what keep me going. I am employed at Varsity Ford in Ann Arbor in the Collision Center. I have been with Varsity for almost two years. I enjoy cars. I think I get that from my father. He still works at Chrysler Headquarters, going on almost 40 years. Coming from a close knit family, my upbringing was very special to me. I promised myself that my children will be brought up with the utmost respect and spiritual guidance. My dream has always been to own my home and take care of my family. Just the thought in itself is amazing, a place to call my own HOME. My girls having their own room has been a long time coming. It is pretty awesome to me. As a family, we enjoy movies, dancing, and sometimes just relaxing. La’Kya plays a variety of sports. La’Naysha has been involved with Girl Scouts for a couple of years and enjoys reading and dancing. We pray together day and night and we know that each day we are given is a blessing. Being a part of the Habitat for Humanity Family is definitely a blessing for my family.

Habitat 2015

The Walker FamilyMeet the Family

Tia Walker with her sons Brian, Jayden and Shawn, future homeowners of 1301 Shirley the 2015 House of Faith!

A Letter from Tia Walker

Hi, my name is Tia Walker. I am a single parent with 4 boys: Demetrius Walker (20), Brian Walker (16), Shawn Walker (12), and Jayden Walker (3). Demetrius has attended Ypsilanti Community Schools and Washtenaw Community College and now lives out of town. Brian attends Ypsilanti Community School and is in the 11th grade. He loves to play sports (basketball and football), and to travel and be with family and friends. Shawn also attends Ypsilanti Community School and he’s in the 7th grade. He takes after his older brother and also loves to play basketball and football, to travel, and family and friends mean a great deal to him as well. And there’s Jayden, who goes to pre-school. He’s smart, funny, loving and enjoys being outside and going to the park to play.

I also attended Ypsilanti Schools. I received my diploma in June of 2000. I am very close to my family—I love them dearly! I love traveling, spending time with family, planning events and dancing (ballroom, line dancing, Latin, hustle, and salsa). I love being the center of attention when I’m on the dance floor! I take care of my mother, who had a stroke almost 4 years ago. She is an awesome person, and I’m very close to her. I also attend Abundant Life Ministries Church in Ypsilanti.

I work at Glacier Hills as a Resident Service Assistant. Before I transferred to the facility, I worked with Glacier Hills Home Care for 10 years. I’ve always had a passion for helping others. I’ve always dreamed of owning my own home for my children and myself. When they go off to college, they can always come home, where there’s love, warmth and comfort. God is really blessing my children and me. We’ve come across so many bumps in the road, but we’re still going forward….God does answer prayers! Thanks to Habitat and everyone who’s involved in making someone’s dream come true!

- Tia Walker

To sign up or for more information, contact Don "The Tool Man" Redding at dredding58@yahoo.com.