Family to Family and Fostering Futures

You can make a real difference to an individual or family simply by providing a few gifts and/or food during this holiday season. Get started by completing this form about who you might like to help. We will try our best to match your preferences and reply with a foster child or a potential family to help. You can sign up to help with one or both programs!

If you'd like to adopt a family:
Once you have your family, you will contact your family, shop, and provide gifts for children and any seniors in the family. We suggest spending at least $25-30 (or 1-2 gifts) per family member, though you are not expected to purchase gifts for the adults in the family unless you wish. When you contact the family, you can arrange how/when you will deliver gifts to them. You can mail gift cards, ship gifts directly, or arrange delivery to their door, either on your own or through a volunteer. Sign up from November 13 through December 11.

If you'd like to help a foster child:
Once you have information on your child, purchase pajamas and 1-2 gifts according to the child's wish list. Gifts should be placed in a gift bag (not wrapped) and brought to the church by December 4.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Morrison.