Mature Singles

Mature Singles offers Christian Fellowship in a group where singles of all backgrounds are accepted and affirmed. It provides an opportunity for participants to grow spiritually and personally through worship, education, service, outreach, and recreational activities, and to socialize in a positive setting. Friday dinners are weekly and the schedule is below. The age of most participants is 55 and up. For more information contact Marcy Toon, at

Mature Singles are again enjoying dinners in restaurants on Friday evenings, but planning one or two weeks at a time. Please call Marcy at 734-995-2519 if you would like more information.

July 4 - Mature Singles will hold their annual Fourth of July picnic at Lillie Park South at 1 p.m., planning to start eating at 1:30. Lillie Park is located at 4365 Platt Road. Because some of our friends might feel more comfortable bringing their own meal, we are suggesting you bring your own lunch or a dish to pass. Please also bring a table service, beverage, and if possible a folding chair. Call Marcy at 995-2519 for more information.

September 7 - Mature Singles will hold their Labor Day picnic at Lillie Park South at 1 p.m. as on July fourth. We hope you can join us.