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Mature Ministries BrochureMATURE MINISTRIES EVENTS FOR 2021-2022

The Mature Ministries Program has many interesting lectures, trips, and conversations that you are invited to join! Our monthly gathering (second Thursday of the month) is a lunch and learn that we call “Lunch and Learn.”

Thursday November 11 NOTE:  (This event has been canceled and will be rescheduled in the Spring)

Joseph CialdellaPlease join Mature Ministries in the Spring of 2022, for an exciting presentation on the history of gardens/gardening in Detroit, given by award-winning young author, Joseph Cialdella.

We will learn about “Detroit’s Green Roots: Three Moments in the Garden.” Detroit is a surprisingly green place. Over the past 15-20 years, longtime residents of Detroit have grown a vibrant urban gardening and agriculture movement. Yet the story of Detroit’s gardens goes back even farther.

Book CoverIn this talk, author Joe Cialdella will draw on research from his award-winning book, Motor City Green: A Century of Landscapes and Environmentalism in Detroit, to share three moments’ the city’s century-long history of urban gardening environmental action.  From Pingree’s Potato Patches in the 19th century to African American yards during the 20th century, Detroit’s gardens and green spaces have helped residents meet subsistence needs, resist oppression, imagine a better city and work toward justice.  This talk is offered as a preview of a 2022 Mature Ministries tour of historic Detroit gardens.  Come rediscover a bit of Detroit’s rich history.


Emily KutilThursday January 13

Emily Kutil, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Lawrence Technological University
Discover Detroit's Lost Black Neighborhood

Detroit’s Black Bottom neighborhood—the area in Detroit where Blacks were legally restricted to live in during much of the city’s history—was destroyed as the interstate highway system cut through the city and racial unrest destroyed or compromised much of what remained.  

Using archival photographs of the neighborhood as her starting point, architect Emily Kutil created an exhibition that recreated the neighborhood visually and drew former residents to visit, reconnect, and share stories of the vibrant life of this community. Ms. Kutil, Assistant Professor of Architecture at Lawrence Technological University, will be the featured speaker in a Lunch & Learn Zoom session, Thursday, January 13, at noon.  Eat your lunch if you like while you join us here:

Black Bottom NeighborhoodAttend to see a vanished culture come back to life!  





Lucy SmithThursday February 10

Lucy Smith, Doctoral Student, Department of History, University of Michigan
Reconsidering History: The Case of George Washington’s Teeth

A closer look at the objects that have come down to us through history can allow us revisit familiar stories in a new light. Former Education Curator at Mount Vernon, Lucy Smith, offers a unique opportunity to expand our perception of colonial history through an examination of the president’s wooden teeth—and the enslaved people who created them and allowed Washington to lead the life he enjoyed on his country estate.

This presentation broadens and deepens our appreciation of what we should know about our history.

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First Pres Mature Ministries will be back on the road again next year!

With thanks to God for making all things possible, FPC Mature Ministries is delighted to announce that road trips have resumed.  Watch the website for updates after the winter months!