Children's Education

First Presbyterian is committed to providing a strong church school program in which children can learn the fundamentals of Reformed faith and begin a lifelong spiritual journey based on biblical literacy.

Sunday Zoom

We miss you! Beca will be hosting a few Zoom Sunday School times for varying age groups over the next few weeks. She wants to check in, hear about how you’re doing, and spend a little time talking about the Bible. These sessions will be about 45-60 minutes long and occur later Sunday afternoon. Check the Children & Family emails for your child’s specific age group, date, and zoom link or email Beca Torres-Davenport at

Looking for info for 6th - 12th graders? Visit our 6th - 8th Grade Ministry page or our High School Ministry page for more information on opportunities for Youth.

Sunday School Registration 2020 - 2021

Registration letters have been sent to all families who have children, ages infant through fifth grade. Included in the mailing is a 2020-2021 Welcome Letter, Church School calendar and a paper copy of the 2019-2020 Sunday School Registration Form. You may register online, or if you prefer to fill out the paper registration form, please return it to the Church Office as soon as possible. The information enables us to provide your family all the support needed throughout the year, and ensure you receive any important mailings and information for your child’s classroom.

Register here for Sunday School

Note: All children are always welcome whether a registration form is filled out ahead of time or not.

Interested in Teaching Sunday School?

We provide curriculum, training, and support to our teachers, who are the members and friends of First Presbyterian willing to explore and share their faith. Parents and many others are needed to assist in this all-volunteer effort to communicate Christian values to our children. First Presbyterian has adopted a Child and Youth Safety Policy (pdf) for the protection of children and adults.

Welcoming Children in Worship

"Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me." - Mark 9:37

Because Jesus welcomed children and encouraged us to welcome them in his name, we take seriously our baptismal promise to nurture all children committed to our care. We believe that the body of Christ in worship is incomplete without them. Their presence is essential for both the full congregation and for the children themselves, because worship is one of the basic ways in which people of any age learn what it means to be Christian. There are many ways in which children grow in Christ through worship:

  • They learn that they belong to Christ and are welcome in his church, where we are all children of God.
  • They become familiar with the Lord's Prayer and other spoken and sung responses.
  • They build a store of the accumulated shared experiences of Christian community from which they may draw when they are older.
  • They are enriched by the beauty of music and art as expressions of praise and as human responses to God.
  • They hear stories from the Bible read and interpreted, and begin to see Christian worship as one place where God may speak to them.
  • They discover that they are valued as persons by God and by the people of God.

Family Celebrations

We also offer families regular opportunities to celebrate children and strengthen ties within our faith community. Many of these occasions are annual traditions, such as:

  • All-church picnic and family potlucks
  • Craft-making festivals during the Advent and Lenten seasons
  • Family fun activities
  • A Christmas pageant

Looking for info for 6th - 12th graders? Visit our 6th - 8th Grade Ministry page or our High School Ministry page for more information on opportunities for Youth.


For more information on our Children's Education program, contact Rebeca Torres-Davenport at