Congregational Life Committee

The mission of the Congregational Life Committee is to invite women and men to greater faith in Jesus Christ and encourage authentic expressions of that faith through membership and active participation in the First Presbyterian Church. We believe that one way individuals experience a deepening faith is through fellowship with other Christians. Therefore, the mission of this committee is to increase the sense of warmth and belonging that makes our faith community unique, to invite and support those seeking deeper faith into the fellowship of our church family, and to nurture the commitment of members to Jesus Christ and this community by fostering spiritual fellowship in small groups and congregational gatherings. We meet the first Monday evening of each month at 6 p.m.

Committee Organization: 4 Workgroups

Work group on Welcoming

  • Visitor contacts information collection and follow-up
  • Greeters at all worship services and other locations

Work group on Fellowship and Church Events

  • Maintain the small group database
  • Assist with formation and operation of small groups
  • Assist with production of churchwide activities guide and the Photo Directory
  • Help organize and support all-church events

Work group on Inquiry and New Members Inquirer Identification

  • Help organize and conduct new member classes
  • Help with new member breakfasts
  • Assist with new member follow up

Work group on Communications - Oversee First Pres in the media

  • Graphics standards and Branding/Logo Project
  • Congregational communications
  • Outreach to the community

Opportunities for Service

All members of the congregation are invited to become a member of one of these four work groups of the Congregational Life Committee to help us with the indicated activities or other initiatives related to the mission of the Congregational Life Committee.


For more information about the committee contact: Marti Wendler at or Rev. Melissa Anne Rogers, staff liaison, at