Rotating Shelter Program

The Shelter Association of Washtenaw County (SWAC) continues its efforts to return to normal activities while observing Covid protocol and restrictions.  Once again, First Presbyterian Church will host up to 20 selected, housing-challenged men for overnight stays from January 2-16, 2023. While following Washtenaw County Department of Health guidelines, we plan to host our guests with enthusiasm and friendship. With gifts of the congregation's time and food, we expect our guests to be well-fed, warm, and in a safe place overnight.

Also reaping benefits from this program are those people who participate with time, food, clothing, and financial gifts.  Without members who support this mission, God’s work among us would be diminished.  Last winter over 60 volunteers helped to greet the guests, see that the Social Hall remained neat and clean, or spent the night to oversee the following morning.  Another 15 members sent financial donations.  Others donated winter outerwear, various underwear, etc.  And untold numbers of members donated boxes and cases of packaged snack items, juice boxes, individual yogurt and fruit cups, etc. This year we will resume serving a hot meal every night (per guidelines: delivered in a disposable dish, hot and ready to serve).  To make a designated financial donation to Rotating Shelter, please use the following link:

We are truly blessed to have such a generous church.  Thanks to all who participate in this mission, so that our guests will know God's comfort in the cold of winter.  Please help First Pres continue to serve in this way in January 2023!  Bring a friend!  We encourage anyone who wants to be enriched on a cold winter day to join us.    Questions?  contact co-chairs:  Marcey Terrien (480-833-7019) or Jim Peggs (734-646-9412).

To volunteer your time or to make a food/clothing donation, click on this link: