Rotating Shelter Program

The Shelter Association of Washtenaw County is pleased to share the below summary of the winter Rotating Shelter Program in which First Presbyterian again played an important, though different, role this year due to COVID.  Multiple members of our congregation contributed to the program by serving as evening hosts, overnight hosts, by preparing nutritious hot meals at their homes, or by their donations of winter clothing or financial support to the cause. 

As the coordinators of our church’s Rotating Shelter Program in 2021 we urge you to review the below message and numbers with pride knowing the comfort that the program brought to so many, and to pray that our church may be able to respond with equal vigor next winter when the need arises.

Thankfully, Marcey Terrien and Jim Peggs

The Shelter Association of Washtenaw County has a mission of ending homelessness one person at a time - and your support helps us to do just that!

Just look at what we accomplished together during a pandemic:

  • We served over 1,300 vulnerable individuals
  • We sheltered over 700 clients
  • We conducted over 100,000 health screenings
  • We distributed over 55,000 masks
  • We facilitated over 5,000 COVID tests
  • Less than 1% of our population reported positive cases
  • We have helped over 120 clients receive their COVID vaccination
  • We managed 5 shelter locations to keep our clients safe and socially spaced
  • We helpd 172 people find long term sustainable housing

Our work is not done, but we can manage it better together!