Adult Faith Formation

What is Faith Formation?

Faith Formation is an intentional time for learning and growing in our faith.  Faith Formation for Adults meets at 11:00 a.m. and offers multiple interactive learning opportunities, including Bible study, worship dialogue, and discussion groups. Attend a gathering that catches your interest on any given Sunday, or join a group for a multi-week study.  


Parent Burnout: Finding Rest in the Midst of the Chaos
November 19
Lewis Room
Join us for a parent conversation as we create intentional time to rest and share about ways we find restoration in the midst of “all the things.” Youth and children will have an intergenerational workshop together during this time. Childcare is available. 
Encountering Advent Scripture in a Whole New Way
December 3-17 
Lewis Room
Class Facilitator: Rev. Mark Mares, Associate Pastor
This three-part series will create space to dig deeper into the weeds of scripture. We’ll do so by engaging in the important acts of scripture memorization, voice and delivery of a text, and ‘reclaiming the plays’ of the Bible, as we see and hear the stories come to life. We’ll also explore how engaging in the Bible in this way helps us understand, question, and experience the sacred stories of scripture that still speak to us today. 
December 3 - Biblical Storytelling and the Drama of the Bible 
Join us for a session that explores the art of biblical storytelling and how each ‘reading/telling’ of scripture is an act of interpretation.  
December 10 - Speaking and Acting out the Bible 
Join us for a session that puts into practice, ‘the art of biblical storytelling,’ as we engage in the creation of a scripture tableau. 
December 17 - Music and the Bible 
Join us for the final session in our Advent series, which will explore the intimate connection between music and scripture, in the hearing, reading, and encountering of biblical stories. 
New Testament Epistles: 1 & 2 Peter; 1, 2, & 3 John
September 10 - December 17 (No class on November 26)
French Room and Zoom
Class Host: Ed Koster
Join us for a study through some shorter New Testament epistles this fall as we dig deep into scripture. Throughout the study, we will explore the historical context in which these letters were written, examining the cultural and societal challenges faced by the early Christians. We will also delve into the theological teachings and principles contained within each epistle, seeking to apply them to our own lives today.
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View Previous Classes

This class format is an open discussion and everyone is welcome to participate.  There is no homework and Bibles are provided. If you cannot be present in person, you can participate by Zoom.



Neuroscience, Mental Health and the Church 

November 12 & 19
​Curtis Room

We will listen to the podcast that breaks down what exactly mental illness and mental health are, what is happening in the brain, and how the church can respond in ways that help us all to be healthier individuals and begin to build a more understanding, empathetic and healthy community.

During the month of December, the First Friends class will join the Exploring the Faith class.

Additional Reading and Study Groups

Other small groups, such as reading groups and bible studies, are also available. For more information visit our Small Groups page.

This month we have a spiritual practice for you to participate in at home.  The Daily Examen is designed for you to prayerfully think about your day and notice the places where God shows up, often unexpectedly.  Use this document to practice the Daily Examen at home.