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One of the organizations to which First Pres donates both funding and volunteer assistance is Hope Clinic, a non-profit, interdenominational Christian medical and social services organization in Ypsilanti.  First Pres members do not have regularly scheduled times to serve, but there are many opportunities to do so.

To see more information about Hope, read job descriptions, and sign up to volunteer, use this link:


Opportunities to Serve

The relationship between Hope Clinic, in Ypsilanti, and First Presbyterian Church has been long and fruitful.  Individuals and groups have volunteered their services and creative gifts over many years.  Recently, in response to a request by Hope Clinic, Maurine Nelson volunteered to serve as our Church Anchor.  She will look for ways to expand our relationship with Hope, connecting their needs with the interests and gifts of the congregation.


Some current opportunities to serve Hope Clinic include:

  • Presbyterian Women’s March HOPE CLINIC FOOD COLLECTION:
    PW will be delivering the Communion Sunday food collection to Hope Clinic at the end of March.  Along with non-perishable food, personal care items are a huge and on-going need.  If you’ve ever heard the story of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet and wondered how you can serve like Jesus, today you can literally donate the soap or body wash a neighbor will use!  Other requested items are shampoo, conditioner, lotions, toothpaste, deodorant (men and women’s), cotton swabs and rounds, cosmetic or styling products, brushes and combs.  Bring your donations for the church food bins any time until March 30th.  Thank you for your generosity!


If ever there was joy in the hearts of Hope Clinic staff and volunteers, it was when these beautifully created grocery bags made by 1st Presbyterian Women’s Sewing Angel group of Ann Arbor, arrived.  The squeals of joy from one of the volunteers as she received these gifts, could be heard throughout the block at Hope Clinic.

The gift – giving was two-way.  One of the sewing angels said, “One other interesting fact about the bags is that – thanks to the generosity of several sources – the material is free and “found” fabric.  At times I felt a little like Maria in the Sound of Music – much of the fabric I used was curtain material from previous decorating schemes!!  Recycling for a creative and useful purpose is very gratifying.”

The picture of Bonnie Palmquist, displaying this event (above) says it all – the joy of the volunteer at the drop off site confirms the gift and the receiver.  Approximately 20 grocery bags were created and there are more to come!!  

So hats off and thanks to the 1st Presbyterian Women’s Sewing Angels group of Ann Arbor.  With a big wish to all to enjoy!!

For more information about Hope clinic contact Maurine Nelson at Maurinea4161@sbcglobal.net .

A note from M. Douglas Campbell, former Executive Director, Hope Clinic:

Hope Clinic in Ypsilanti provides free medical, dental and behavioral health services to people without insurance. Most medical care at is provided by volunteer doctors, nurses and pharmacists. However, in 2016, when we were not able to find volunteer mental health professionals, we partnered with First Presbyterian Church and Washtenaw County Community Mental Health to hire a Psychiatrist for one half day per month. Dr. Washington diagnoses and treats patients with complex mental health needs so we can care for the whole patient. With this year’s Local Mission grant of $5000 First Pres continues our partnership with Hope Clinic in providing critical psychiatric services to patients who do not otherwise have access to those.

Sometimes severe mental illness changes a person’s personality so much that their loved ones feel as if they have lost them. The father of one patient who Dr. Washington has been treating burst into tears the last time they visited. “I got my daughter back!,” he exclaimed. “I didn’t know if I would ever have her back again,” The help and healing this patient experienced has given her entire family hope.

Your gift and prayers have helped to change lives and we thank God for your partnership!

Hope is located at 518 Harriet St. in Ypsilanti

Phone: 734-481-0111

Church Liaison Contact Person(s) - Maurine Nelson

Preparation of Thanksgiving Bags Contact Person - Maurine Nelson