Mission Reimagined

1 - Vision, 2 - Mission, 3 - Core Values


Where do we want to go?
God’s compassion transforming the world through our witness.


Why do we exist?
First Pres mission community exists to go and bear witness to Jesus Christ in love, justice and reconciliation.

Core Values

What do we believe?

  • Partnership / Relationship: We are called to work together locally and globally to share the Good News. (John 17:20-21).
  • Reconciliation: We are embassadors for Christ, creating peace and bearing witness to God’s love (2 Corinthians 5:18).
  • Empowerment / Advocacy / Justice: We are called to speak against injustice, stand in solidarity with and minister to the needs fo the poor, sick, and powerless (Matthew 25:37-40).
  • Service / Servanthood: It’s not just about us, it’s about others and and God’s love for all of us (Matthew 20:28).
  • Sustainability / Self-Reliance: Our mission should be sustainable and promote self-reliance (John 12:24).

Why Reimagine Mission?

In 2015, a small group began working to more clearly define Mission ministries at First Pres and eliminate inconsistencies by developing a vision, a mission and core values to guide our practices.

In January 2016 we invited Rev. Cliff Kirkpatrick (Professor at Louisville Seminary; former Stated Clerk of the General Assembly; former head of Worldwide Ministries Division of PC(USA)) to facilitate a retreat during which 50 mission-minded church members representing all global and local mission teams utilized appreciative inquiry to recognize and honor our rich history at FPC. Areas of growth, successes and failures were identified while hopes and dreams for Mission at FPC emerged.

From the Mission ReImagined weekend, eight key concepts emerged:

  1. Respect and value people
  2. Build trust though relationships and partnerships
  3. Do “with” rather than “for.”
  4. Work collaboratively (with mission teams, committees, groups and leaders)
  5. Ensure feedback and accountability
  6. Evaluate every step of the way
  7. Communicate the mission story at every opportunity
  8. Include new people—children, youth and adults—in everything

In January 2017, the Mission Committee endorsed Mission ReImagined as a living document. It was approved by Session in February 2017.

International Mission Opportunities

Each international mission team works toward agendas that include dedicating and supporting organizations to achieve mutual respect, carrying out Jesus Christ’s commission to heal the sick, support projects that serve to develop relationships, promote self-sufficiency, and to meet the needs of the community the mission team is serving. Check out our International Mission page to learn more about where First Pres is hard at work and how you can help!

Local Mission Opportunities

First Presbyterian offers more than 20 local mission opportunities in southeastern Michigan. Local mission activities happen anywhere from once to several times a year to weekly. Visit our Local Mission page to learn more about where First Pres is involved locally and how you can help as a volunteer.


Questions? Contact Martha Kershaw at mdkershaw@sbcglobal.net or Rev. Jay Sanderford at jsanderford@firstpresbyterian.org.