We invite you to connect with First Presbyterian Church through our many educational and fellowship opportunities. We have activities, groups, and studies for all age ranges, from children to seniors.

Children's and Youth Ministry

Our Children's and Youth ministries provide your children with a rich set of experiences and life lessons that will guide them as they grow in the Christian faith.

First Pres offers many educational and fellowship opportunities for children and youth - from Sunday School classes for three year olds through high school, to youth groups for middle school and high school youth, vacation bible school, family fellowship opportunities, and much more. Visit our Children's and Youth Ministries page for more information.

Campus Ministry: UKirk@UMich

The student community at First Pres builds friendships with undergraduates, grad students, and student spouses. Students come to us from all faith backgrounds and sometimes none at all. We invite students to join us for community, friendship, and conversations about faith. All are welcome here! Find out more about the ways students can become involved on our UKirk@UMich page.

Adult Ministry

First Pres offers an abundance of activities, study groups, and fellowship opportunities for adults. There is something for everyone - Bible studies, small groups and fellowship groups, special annual events, social events, programs for women, men, veterans, and more.

The Stephen Ministry program also offers continued education classes open to all and there are special age related groups such as, T2A2 (Twenties and Thirties of Ann Arbor), which has many regular events, service projects, and special outings for young adults and graduate students.

Seniors / Mature Ministries

The mission of Mature Ministries is to address the spiritual and social needs of the mature members of First Pres and the community. Mature Ministries includes pastoral support and care, education and learning opportunities, fellowship and social activities, and facilitates service, mentoring, and mission outlets.

Mature Ministries offer opportunities such as Hilltoppers, a Mature Ministries Book Group, a Mature Singles program, and various other programs throughout the year. Visit our Mature Ministries page to learn more.

Health Ministries

Parish nursing has been part of pastoral care at First Pres since 1998. Aspects of a parish nurse ministry include:

  • Health promotion - through programs and education
  • Care coordination - as a health team member, discussing health issues, assessing needs, exploring potential avenues of assistance, and identifying ways the church may be able to support the individual or family
  • Collaboration - working with other churches, agencies, and resources to strengthen relationships in our community. As part of the pastoral care team, offer support and serve as a resource for our pastors and residents.
  • Health advocacy - through listening and support, actively work to obtain care that is in the congregant's best interest and incorporates a holistic perspective.
  • Spiritual care - this is what sets a parish nurse apart from much of the medical world. We as individuals are made up of 'body, mind and spirit'. The parish nurse seeks to promote health and care of all aspects of the human being, holistically.

Visit our Health Ministries page for more information and to learn about ongoing and upcoming events.

Need Care?

Click here for more information on our Pastoral Care Services.