Delonis Center

Located in downtown Ann Arbor, the Delonis Center is a shelter that serves homeless men and women—providing food and shelter, and also medical care and job skills training and placement, and counseling services. First Pres volunteers assist with dinner preparation and serving every Wednesday evening for more than 100 persons in the Ann Arbor community who may not get enough to eat on a regular basis.

Our First Pres cooking shift is Wednesdays from 2:45 - 5:00 p.m; our serving shift is Wednesdays from 5:00 - 7:15 p.m.

In addition, on Wednesday evenings when we cook and serve the meal, First Pres members also bring a collection of greeting cards, envelopes, and stamps for shelter residents, to assist residents in keeping in touch with family and friends. At Christmas time, First Pres members also contribute gifts of warm socks, hats and gloves to those at the Center.

Many of the same patrons who are served by the Delonis Center are also served by the First Pres Rotating Shelter program. Thus, First Pres Church and our volunteers have the opportunity to develop meaningful connections with the men and women served by the Center, connections that can make a difference in the lives of both Center clients and also First Pres members.

How Can I Volunteer?

Sign up below to indicate your interest in volunteering for either cooking or serving for Wednesday night meals at the Delonis Center!

Volunteer at the Delonis Center

Please indicate on the sign-up how many times per month you would like to volunteer, which Wednesdays work best in your schedule, and whether you would prefer an occasional or regular volunteer slot. We will make every effort to find a volunteer slot in the schedule that works for you. Our First Pres Community Kitchen coordinator will send a follow-up email to arrange a definite volunteer time, send a little additional orientation information, and answer any questions you may have. If you would prefer to serve on other days of the week (outside of First Pres' "regular" Wednesdays), please email the Foodgatherers Volunteer Coordinator at

Contributions of greeting cards and stamps are always welcome and may be donated at the church office. For more information or to volunteer to help with the distribution of cards, please contact Jeannine Buchanan at


For more information, please email please email or phone First Pres member Susan Moreville at

Thank you for your interest in this special First Pres local mission program!