Pentecost Offering - Growing Hope

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Sunday, June 5 we join with others across our Presbyterian Church to focus our support on young people, young adults and children-at-risk in support of the Pentecost Offering of our Presbyterian Church U.S.A.  We see how the Pentecost story inspires all people into a lifetime of faith and service.  60% of your Pentecost gift goes to exciting national Presbyterian ministries helping children, youth ministries and young adults develop their faith.  Montreat Youth Conferences, Youth Triennium and even the Confirmation materials used here at First Pres benefit from your gifts.  The balance of the Pentecost Offering will support Growing Hope of Ypsilanti, Michigan, a local Washtenaw program that supports people to grow, prepare, and eat nourishing food through hands-on educational opportunities at our urban farm, educational events and community activism.  Through workshops, training, and field trips, Growing Hope educates youth, adults, and seniors to enhance gardening experience and skills,  Growing Hope is active in farmer's markets, and school, community, and home gardens thoughtout Ypsilanti.

Please give to the Pentecost Special Offering by clicking on the Donate to First Presbyterian Link on our website, or send a donation to the church office noting Pentecost Offering in the memo line.  The Pentecost Offering makes a difference for the life of the whole church and for congregations like ours.  We will receive the Pentecost Offering until June 30, 2022.