Feeding Our Neighbors: Food Rescue Program

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

First Presbyterian’s Feeding Our Neighbors Program has been operating since 2011. During the last ten years the program has expanded from just picking up the cooked, but unsold, food at football games to include all Big Ten Basketball games and food from the athlete’s kitchen.

  • The football games contribute about 1,000 lbs. of hot dogs, brats, and pizzas per game.
  • Basketball home games contribute about 250 lbs. per game.


The football food collection takes place after the game has completed.  Volunteers park in a lot just outside Gate 9 on the north end of the Stadium.  We enter the Stadium once the game is completed and proceed to Section 3 on the east side.  It takes about two hours to collect, sort and place the food in the walk-in freezer.  This is always a fun experience and you get to see the interworking’s of the Stadium.