Art Fair Parking

Thursday, July 21, 2022
Saturday, July 23, 2022

Support First Pres Youth by helping out with Art Fair Parking, the biggest youth fundraiser of the year! 

Warmer weather is upon us, which means summer is just around the corner!  Which means, the Art Fair parking fundraiser is just around the corner too!  Artists, vendors and shoppers will all come to Ann Arbor July 21 - 23 this year.  We are looking for some youth and adult leaders to help us as we raise funds for our youth ministry program.  Money raised will be used for future mission and formation opportunities for our youth.

The dates for volunteering run from the afternoon of Thursday, July 21 through the afternoon of Saturday, July 21. 

If you are interested and willing to help, contact Rev. Mark Mares, Minister of Youth and Families at for more information and to volunteer.