Social Justice Workgroup

Social Justice Workgroup Introduction

Responding to God’s call to action and to care for one another.

Over the past several years, the congregation of FPCAA has studied and responded to a variety of social justice issues.  We have gathered in groups to study and learn about the impact of injustice on our neighbors, tried to discern what our call to action is as Christians, responded to specific needs in the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti community, and prayed for all those impacted by injustice.  Frequently, raising social justice concerns has prompted the belief that we need to do more than simply study and discuss an issue, although meaningful action often has to start there.  Beyond that, what actions can we as Christians take to address injustice in a consequential way, at least locally?

Local Mission and Adult Ministry work groups are now collaborating to respond to that very question.  A Social Justice Action Group is being formed to support advocacy efforts, participate in community events, and take further action in response to specific social justice issues supported by the congregation.  Initially, the group will focus on three (3) key issues the congregation has supported, which include racial injustice, gun violence prevention, and climate change.

The group is currently establishing a method of communication with the congregation and determining our interaction with advocacy groups addressing these three key social justice issues.  Stay tuned for more information on these important areas as we move forward.

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