Responding to Twin Disasters

Wednesday, September 8, 2021
Sunday, October 31, 2021

Presbyterians Responding to Disasters:  Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is mobilized and delivering immediate aid to those impacted by Hurricane Ida in location as diverse as Louisiana and New Jersey. The initial assessment of the damage is staggering. The needs of those impacted is changing daily because of lack of access to power, refrigeration, water and housing. This will be a long-term commitment to the people devasted by this catastrophic storm. PDA will continue to work with local agencies and Presbyterian leadership to respond to Hurricane Ida and remain engaged in the recovery efforts during the hurricane season of 2021, during which several named storms are expected to impact the region. After initial needs are addressed, PDA will remain — providing emotional and spiritual care and Long-Term Recovery to address unmet needs. Please give. Gifts can be made through First Pres, with checks or contributions marked: Hurricane Ida Relief, or online

Haitian Earthquake:  A continuing disaster faces Haiti after the Aug. 14 earthquake left almost 2,200 people dead, thousands more injured, and an unknown number still missing. At least 13,000 homes were destroyed and roads, bridges and communication systems have been severely damaged. This catastrophe comes on top of Haiti’s ongoing struggles with endemic hunger and poverty, COVID-19 and continuing civil unrest.   Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is continues to provide emergency relief and recovery through our established local partners.  

GIVE: Gifts can be made through First Pres, with checks or contributions marked:  Haiti Earthquake Relief, or online

PRAY: As disasters continue to cause destruction and loss of life, please pray with us that the communities affected by this event and those offering assistance will be strengthened, have their needs met and be reminded of the hope found in God.