Fostering Futures/Family to Family Christmas

Saturday, November 6, 2021
Monday, December 20, 2021

As we near the season of Advent and prepare to welcome the Christ child, we have two opportunities to make God’s love visible by helping local children and families during the Christmas season: Fostering Futures and Family to Family Christmas.

For many years, our congregation has generously provided Christmas gifts of clothing, toys, and food for needy families referred by the Washtenaw County Department of Health and Human Services through Family to Family Christmas. This year, we are also partnering with local non-profit Fostering Futures to provide gifts to foster children, adding to this meaningful local mission. As many of those who have helped provide for others during this season will attest, the act of reaching out to those in need adds a poignant reminder of the meaning and celebration of our Lord’s birth.

This year, we ask you and your family to consider giving from the heart by participating in this good work in any of the following ways. One online form enables you to sign up to help children or families in both programs: 

Provide Gifts for a Foster Child. Sign up online to request information on a foster child to assist beginning November 7 through December 4. Once you receive the gift information, please purchase the requested items, place in a gift bag (but do not wrap the gifts), and bring to the church by December 5.

Adopt a Family.  Sign up online to request information on a family to adopt beginning November 14 through December 12. Families range from elderly or disabled individuals to families of up to as many as ten people. The recommended minimum amount to spend per family member is ~$25-30 (you need only buy gifts for children 18 and under and senior citizens). Once you have received the family information, please contact the family to let them know they have a donor, clarify gift needs, and determine a delivery method.

Family-to-Family is a person to person project, and we encourage donors to speak with, email, or write notes for their families during this isolating time.  To ensure safety during COVID-19, we are encouraging all deliveries be contactless. Delivery options to consider: shop and ship gifts directly to the family; mail gift cards to the family; or arrange a date for contactless gift delivery (leaving them at the door). Alternatively, you may request that a volunteer do contactless gift delivery on your behalf.

Donation.    Make a financial contribution of any amount (please indicate Family-to-Family). Your donation will help purchase gift cards for families or children not directly assisted. Financial contributions may also to assist families at U-M/Mott Hospital during the holidays.

Volunteer. Give the gift of your time. Volunteers are needed to help deliver gifts to families on Sunday, December 19, 2021.

For more information about helping a foster child, adopting a family, or volunteering, see the online sign-up link on the First Pres website, or contact Julie Morrison at or 646-5351.  We thank you for your past support and hope that you will again join us in helping to make this a blessed Christmas for children and families in our area.

Sign up here for Fostering Futures and Family to Family Christmas!

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