Stewardship 2023

Through the variety of gifts of individual members, friends, and families, God is at work, creating a colorful mosaic portrait of our congregation in action. Each commitment allows us to carry out our mission as an inclusive and diverse faith community with confidence, knowing that as we come together, we will deepen our faith and expand the impact of our worship, faith formation, and community care. As part of the First Pres community, you are invited to make a generous pledge to our church from your financial resources and individual talents.

The costs of ministry are increasing; we all know the impact of inflation. Please consider increasing your pledge or contribution for 2023, remembering that every amount helps our ministry. Our goal is to achieve an 8% increase in pledge dollars for 2023, generating enough financial support to maintain current programming and new initiatives. Along with pledging participation, a 10% increase in the commitment of your time and talent is also vital to the continuance of our mission work.
Please fill out both the pledge and opportunity to serve forms.  When you submit these forms, it helps us plan our financial budget and understand how many volunteers we will have to help with our many events throughout 2023.  Thank you for your continued support of First Presbyterian Church Ann Arbor.
After you make your commitment, you are invited to place an individual tile on the large Mosaic of Hope display in the Sanctuary.

Make a Pledge for 2023


Every pledge is important to First Pres!  No pledge is too large or too small if it’s given in gratitude to God.  Every pledge matters!

Pledge Commitment Form


We can be stewards of the gifts God gives us by giving of our time and our talents.  By sharing ourselves in this way, we uniquely participate in our community of faith.

Volunteer Opportunity to Serve Form


We ask that each member prayerfully complete both the Pledge Commitment form and the Opportunity to Serve form.  Financial commitments or pledges are non-binding should your personal circumstances change.  As always, your pledge may be paid in installments throughout the 2023 calendar year.

Our 2023 Goal

Our goal for 2023 is an 8% increase in pledge dollars and a 10% increase in oppportunity to serve submissions.

Every pledge, no matter its size, is important and appreciated.