Stewardship 2022

Making God's Love Visible, Peace by Piece

Seventeen believers met in a log schoolhouse on Main and Ann streets in 1826 and began to dream. Now 195 years later, First Pres is vibrant and still proclaiming the Good News, in large part thanks to the pledging and volunteer time of our members and friends.

As you consider your 2022 pledge to our Church, also consider all the non-financial ways that aren’t counted or portrayed in this calendar.

How can one quantify the work of Stephen Ministers who spend countless hours listening and supporting care receivers in crisis? What about life lessons a teen learns on a mission trip? How many bags of food pass through our doors to area food banks for distribution? How a beautiful song comforts a grieving widower during worship?

Your pledge of resources and volunteer time is the backbone of all this and so much more.

Please fill out the pledge and opportunity to serve forms on-line, the links are located below, or mail your forms in the envelope provided in your packet.

Make a Pledge for 2022

Every pledge is important to First Pres! No pledge is too large or too small if it’s given in gratitude to God. Every pledge matters!

Pledge Commitment Form

We can be stewards of the gifts God gives us by giving of our time and our talents. By sharing ourselves in this way, we uniquely participate in our church family.

Volunteer Opportunity to Serve Form

Automatic Withdrawal Authorization (Please Note: If you are setting up an automatic withdrawal please mail or drop off this authorization form to the Finance Office. This form must be updated each year.)

We ask that each member prayerfully complete both the Volunteer and Pledge Commitment forms. Financial commitments or pledges are non-binding should your personal circumstances change; and they can be paid in installments throughout the 2020 calendar year.

Our 2022 Goal

Our 2022 stewardship goal - 10% increase in pledges made and time & talent commitments submitted.

Our goal is to achieve a 10% increase in pledges for 2022, generating enough financial support to maintain current programming and new initiatives. Along with pledging participation, a corresponding increase in the commitment of your time and talent is also vital to the continuance of our mission work.

Every pledge, no matter its size, is important and appreciated