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Contribute to First Presbyterian Church via your Will/Estate Plan and become a Legacy Partner

What is a Legacy Partner?


A Legacy Partner is any member or friend of First Presbyterian Church who includes the Church in his/her estate plans with a planned gift that will come to the church in the future. Such a gift will continue to support the church and its ministries long after the donor is gone. Legacy Partners are a vital part of keeping the church financially sound. Each person's generosity is very much appreciated and is an example for others to follow.

How can you become a Legacy Partner?

You can partner with others in positively shaping the legacy of First Presbyterian Church when you make a planned gift in any of the following ways:

  1. You can include First Presbyterian in your will with a bequest.
  2. You can set up a charitable gift annuity for First Presbyterian.
  3. You can include First Presbyterian in your trust.
  4. You can make an outright gift to the Endowment Fund.

Please call 734-662-4466 to discuss gift options and opportunities.

You may also download the Legacy Partners Brochure (pdf), and the Direct Bequest "How To" (pdf) document which has some guidelines for how to make a direct bequest to First Pres.

From a Legacy Partner...

"Including First Presbyterian Church in our estate plan was a priority. It reflects our faith and lifelong relationships with God. Our bequest to the Church ensures that our family’s current commitment to supporting His work here in Ann Arbor will continue into the future."

Daniel, Jennifer, Zachary, and Jacob (2016)



How can Legacy Partner Planned Gifts help the Church?

Planned gifts are investments that safeguard the future growth and stability of First Presbyterian Church. Bequests and special gifts provide for the needs of the church both today and after one's lifetime. They allow us to be stewards now and into the future.

Un-designated gifts will be placed in the church Endowment Fund. The principal of an endowment will remain invested, but the income may be spent each year. This means that endowment money will be available in perpetuity. An Endowment provides a continuing resource to meet unexpected needs such as building repairs or to fund new and innovative outreach and program opportunities that further the ministries of the church. A healthy endowment is vital for the good health of a church with the size and history of First Presbyterian.

Planned gifts may also be designated for specific purposes. These gifts may either be endowed or special gifts. Special Gifts Funds use the principal and interest to support specific areas of ministry. For example, the donor might specify that his/her gift go to The Residency Endowment, which funds the residency ministry program, or to the Sacred Music Fund, or be used for any specific project or ministry the donor wishes to support.

Legacy Partners Luncheon Celebration

Rev. Buchanan at Legacy Partners Luncheon 2016On June 5, 2016 we celebrated Legacy Giving Sunday by welcoming Rev. Dr. John Buchanan, retired senior minister of Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago as our special guest preacher and luncheon speaker. At the luncheon we honored 90 plus First Pres Legacy Partners. Legacy Partners are members and friends who have remembered First Pres in their will or estate plan. More than sixty-five current Legacy Partners, along with First Pres Pastors and Staff, gathered at noon at the Ann Arbor City Club for appetizers, good conversation, a wonderful meal, and a stimulating talk by Rev. Buchanan. Dick Rigertink captured the festivities on camera and we share a few of those pictures below. Thank you, Dick!