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Do you wonder if you have Coronavirus?

The CDC now has an active chat that will walk you through symptoms and help you decide what you need to do next if you think you may be ill. Here is the link if you need it:

Please note: if you are not sick, do not use this link as it ties up personnel who are actively working to help people who may need to find appropriate resources.

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Recommendations for Everyone!

WASH your hands. Hand sanitizer is good, but good handwashing is better! Here’s a great video that shows how: To know how long, sing Happy Birthday twice before you rinse. Also, count how many times a day you wash your hands. Three? Ten? Thirty? The number doesn't matter as much as your awareness of how often and when you're doing it. Here's what's recommended:

  • whenever you come into your home (first thing)
  • after using the restroom (of course!)
  • before eating
  • after sneezing or coughing (if possible - here's where hand sanitizer comes in handy).
  • any other time you're moving in public places and have the opportunity.