Don't Be Afraid to See a Doctor

A note from Sandy Talbott, Parish Nurse and Wellness Coordinator

Stay Home, Stay Safe...but don’t be afraid to see a doctor.

While we’ve been busy staying home, or shopping safely with our masks, many of us have also avoided seeing our doctors or health professionals. Maybe because we worried we might catch something, or it seemed their offices were closed, or we thought we were helping by staying away so they could care for ‘really sick people’.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to go back to seeing your health care professionals. Chronic illness, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, are not on pause like the rest of life. They are still happening. But the difference now is we’re not paying attention or reacting as swiftly or readily as we used to.

Statistics are telling us that ER visits are down, burst appendixes are up, and more people are dying at home, but not necessarily from coronavirus.

It may be that at the start of all this we had our appointments cancelled, or we had trouble reaching our doctor’s office. But they (just like our church) have ramped up how to care for patients during this time of pandemic. Insurance companies have fast tracked paying for telemedicine (visits by phone or by video), which has allowed them to get back to their usual business...assessing, diagnosing, treating, preventing. Most are actually NOT busy, so getting an appointment could be easier and quicker. You can be safely evaluated by phone or video, and if you need to be seen, it will happen in a safe setting. Check your health provider’s website or call them, to see how they’re handling patients at this time.

Stay home. Stay safe. And make a doctor’s appointment… they need the business and you need the healthcare.