Veteran's Group

Veteran's Group

Veterans Group 201610-15 First Pres Military Veterans meet for an informal brown bag noon luncheon at church on the second Friday of each month. Our friendly Veteran’s group is a cross-section of the branches of the Armed Services, age group, military occupation and length of service. Among things that we have done, we help stage church remembrances on Memorial Day.

We welcome newcomers to join us. An informal program of interest to Veterans and others, i.e the Doolittle Raid, is usually presented/discussed each month by members of the group. For further information, contact contact Ralph Winter at 734-429-3743 (H) or 313-600-9347 (C) or

Mission Statement

Military Veteran members of the Ann Arbor First Presbyterian Church will form a group whose mission is to be an outreach for local Veterans and those currently serving in the military. Members will 'brown bag' lunch meet monthly on the second Friday of each month to plan visits with patients at the Ann Arbor VA Medical Center, send packages and prayers to our troops in harm's way, discuss Veterans issues, collect stories and images of deceased Veterans related to First Pres members or relations for an annual slide show video on Memorial Day weekend in the Social Hall and offer a time to just meet with other Veterans.

Memorial Day Tribute

View a tribute to our First Presbyterian veterans. This video was produced in 2020 in honor of Memorial Day. Watch the video here: