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What is First Forums?

First ForumsWe live in a world that is increasingly divided. All around us, the media, family, friends, and co-workers want to know “Whose side are you on – are you with us or against us?” How, as Christians and Presbyterians, are we called to respond to these forces and invite people with whom we differ into dialogue to gain a better understanding of our dispirit beliefs? Knowing that we hold a variety of beliefs, values, and opinions, each First Forum is an opportunity for open dialogue, respect, and faithful disagreement. Come seek opportunities for respectful conversation and for finding avenues for advancing faithful values of peace, justice and community.

Upcoming First Forums

"Our Well-Being" (A new Adult Education series!)
What does it mean to ‘be well’? This series will look at different aspects of Well-Being, from personal physical and mental health, to our relationships, our community, our organizational health, and, as we approach the Lenten season, our spiritual health. Join us at one of the upcoming First Forums:

  • February 3 at 12:15 p.m. - "Understanding Addictions" with Dr. Cindy Crawford
  • February 17 at 12:15 p.m. - Dr. Jane Dutton discusses "Organizational Health: How Can We Awaken Compassion at First Presbyterian Church (and Beyond)?”

    We will build on research from organizational studies to wrestle with how we can unlock more compassion in our church and in other organizations as well. We will focus on three pathways for awakening compassion and unearth together practical steps we can take to facilitate compassion here and now in our church (and beyond).