Immature Ministries (40s/ 50s)

What happens when you're too young for "Mature Ministries" but too old for youth group?  When you're not suitable for T2A2 (Twenties and Thirties in Ann Arbor)?

You can become truly "immature" by joining the new 40s/50s fellowship group at First Pres! We call ourselves the "Immature Ministries", and are made of up of men and women, singles and couples, partners and friends, who are in the 40 - 59 age range, or close to it! Each year, we host about 4 gatherings for fun and friendship. Previous gatherings have included a potluck, a chili cook-off, and a game night with dessert and appetizers. All gatherings are held in homes of members. New people are welcome at each gathering. As a larger group, we're accustomed to getting cozy and crowding in. The more the merrier!

If you are in this age range and are looking for social connections and good fellowship - with a bit of spiritual conversation thrown in, please join us! We may have some service projects together in the months ahead. Come when you can! There is no need to register, and you don't have to be a First Pres member, but we hope through this gathering you will maintain a connection to our congregation.


More more information, Rev. Melissa Anne Rogers ( Questions about our gatherings, or ideas to share? Call Rev. Rogers at 734-355-2351.