Residents Corner - September 2019

A “Note” About Andrew Frazier ...

If you have had the privilege of singing in worship near Resident Minister Andrew Frazier, you know that you are enjoying a classically trained Base-Baritone voice. When asked how he was drawn to study voice, Andrew said he was born into it. Both of his parents sing opera and his father teaches voice. Andrew has childhood memories of sitting with his Dad’s students in Opera rehearsals. One particularly vivid memory is of a performance of Franz Schubert’s The Erlking. He knew the music told this wrenching story in a powerful way that could not be expressed in mere words. His desire to study music was sealed. Throughout school Andrew sang in church and school choirs. He earned a Bachelor of Music in Voice at the University of Georgia.

Andrew believes that music brings the congregation more deeply into the communal experience of worship. It is sacramental. It is prayer and it is message. Musical expression meets us where we are and gives us a fresh way to re-enter the stories of our faith. We welcome this new voice to our Pastoral staff and look forward to getting to know him and his many gifts for ministry.