Board of Deacons

Deacons are ordained officers of the church who provide spiritual comfort and other assistance to regionally-based groups of member families in the church, called chapels. A large group of chapels forms a Quadrant.

  • Quad A (Zip Code 48105, plus Dexter)  —  Quad A Leader: Dianne Santinga
  • Quad B (Zip Code 48104) —  Quad B Leader: Nancy Fox
  • Quad C (Zip Code 48103) —  Quad C Leader: Susan Morville
  • Quad D (Zip Code 48108,  plus outlying areas) —  Quad D Leader: Carol Downton

Quadrant A is the membership of our church that lives in northeast Ann Arbor, and the areas outside of Ann Arbor, north and east of the city and includes, Pinckney, and Hamburg; Quadrant B is the area immediately surrounding our church, including the University of Michigan; Quadrant C is predominantly the west side of Ann Arbor; Quadrant D includes Ypsilanti, Saline, Brooklyn, Chelsea, Belleville, Milan, Grass Lake, Manchester, Tecumseh, Gregory, Northville, Dearborn, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Novi, Plymouth, Canton, Willis, Lansing, Flint, Howell, Brighton, South Lyon, Whitmore Lake, and other outlying areas.

To learn or verify your chapel number and deacon’s name, contact the Rev. Melissa Anne Rogers, at, or 662-4466, ext. 390.

QUADS - Chapels and Deacons

2020 Co Moderators: Doug Gottliebsen and Ellen Johnson

Quad A (Zip Code 48105*), Quad A Leader: Dianne Santinga

(*Plus Barton Hills, North Ann Arbor, and Dexter)

  • Chapel 10 - Mary Polkowski
  • Chapel 11 - Nancy Oliver
  • Chapel 12 - Sandy Anderson
  • Chapel 13 - Dan Christensen, Jim Dickinson, Elsa Stuber, John Yodhes
  • Chapel 14 - Sara VanderVoort
  • Chapel 15 - Jim Douglass
  • Chapel 16 - Jeanette Middleton
  • Chapel 17 - Holly Majorprice, Aiden Majorprice

QUAD B (Zip Code 48104), Quad B Leader: Nancy Fox

  • Chapel 20 - Pam Wood
  • Chapel 21 - Pam Ehrhart
  • Chapel 22 - Chris Queen
  • Chapel 23 - Gary Stahl
  • Chapel 24 - Mary Engelhardt
  • Chapel 25 - Jan Fisher
  • Chapel 26 - Carol Gottliebsen
  • Chapel 27 - Duane Locke, John LeDuc
  • Chapel 28 - Diane Tamblyn

Quad C (Zip Code 48103), Quad C Leader: Susan Morville

  • Chapel 30 - Lori Pickard and Nancy Janz Clark
  • Chapel 31 - Daniel Bizer-Cox
  • Chapel 32 - Julie Wheaton
  • Chapel 33 - Alice Holderby
  • Chapel 34 - Karen Moorhead
  • Chapel 35 - Julie Rupp
  • Chapel 36 - Diane Knibbs
  • Chapel 37 - Brian & Heidi Williams
  • Chapel 38 - Carol Fletcher
  • Chapel 39 - Merry Muilenberg

Quad D (Zip Code 48108 *Plus), Quad D Leader: Carol Downton

(*Plus Saline, Belleville, Brooklyn, Milan, Carlton, Ypsilanti, Chelsea, Grass Lake, Manchester, Tecumseh, Gregory, Northville, Dearborn, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Novi, Plymouth, Canton, Willis, Whitmore Lake, Brighton, South Lyon, Howell)

  • Chapel 40 - Jesse Feyen
  • Chapel 41 - Jim and Kyle Hall
  • Chapel 42 - Michelle Madden
  • Chapel 43 - Jeanette Swartz, Robin Fosheim-Hoag
  • Chapel 44 - Jim Campbell
  • Chapel 45 - Charlotte Anderson Sawtell
  • Chapel 46 - Peggy Hodgson
  • Chapel 47 - Amy Lindauer
  • Chapel 48 - Jim Mulcrone
  • Chapel 77 - Carole Hendrickson

Staff Deacon: Becky Gaffney

Choir Deacon: Lisa Danielson

Deacon’s responsibilities include:

  • Attend a monthly meeting to share information about church activities, plan events, grow in faith and fellowship, and gain valuable resources for their ministry.
  • Contact members regularly by phone call, email, and visits to build community, lend support, share information, or ascertain needs. Deacons share relevant and appropriate information about church members with the pastoral staff so that all feel cared for in their time of need. With the staff, deacons “rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.”
  • Provide support at the time of birth of a new baby with a home visit, rosebud, and resource gift bag including hand-knit baby blanket. Deacons also act as baptism hosts for families presenting infants for baptism, lending help at the morning worship service and providing support.
  • Welcome new members to the church and their chapel by attending the new member breakfasts held four times a year and remaining in consistent contact with new members of First Pres.
  • Provide support during hospitalization or bereavement through cards, visits, meals and errands during convalescence. Deacons also access our Helping Hands or Stephen Ministry groups as needed.
  • Work with our church elders to serve communion at our weekly and monthly communion services.
  • Deliver flowers from our worship service weekly, and special plants during holiday times, to our members in need, those grieving, or those with special birthdays or joys.
  • Hold special services of worship several times a year at local care facilities.
  • Get to know other deacons and church officers, modeling good ties of fellowship and friendship for our church members.